True Meaning of Baka


Many readers probably know baka (馬鹿・莫迦) means ‘fool’, ‘idiot’, ‘jerk’, or any number of other harsh words. Since 2003 I have been wanting to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験, nihongo nouryoku shiken), aka JLPT. The test is only given once a year in December and test application forms need to be purchased in July before they sell out. Failing to get a form until this year has been the subject of previous posts.

Last year in August, when I failed to get an application form, I set an alarm in my cell phone calendar for late June this year. After the alarm, I went to the store and had no trouble getting an application form. Before registering, I wanted to take some practice tests to decide which level I should try. Well, in the process of checking my level, starting my new school, and a few other activities, I put off registering. This week, I noticed the date and panicked. Last year, the registration cut off was September 5th.

Yesterday I managed to get everything properly filled out, attached, paid for, and sent by registered mail. The cut off is September 11th – postmarked by September 11th, that is. If I managed to miss this year’s test because I forgot to fill out the precious application, then I could truly be labeled as BAKA!


2 Responses to “True Meaning of Baka”

  1. If You Haven’t Done it Yet… « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] (JLPT・日本語能力試験) has come and gone. Once again, I got distracted and waited until the last minute to get registered. Officially I got my registration postmarked today for the Level 2 (二級) test. This year I […]

  2. anonymous Says:

    So the true meaning of Baka is BAKA?!

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