Set Apart


Occasionally I read the top blogs of the day if something about the title catches my attention. All too often it is something base and vulgar, but sometimes it is a rare gem. Today I added “Set Apart” to my blogroll, so that people can click through to it anytime.

Normally I try to keep this blog focussed on my experiences here in Japan, so I rarely discuss my faith. However, when I came across Set Apart, I was immediately struck by several strengths and I hope it continues down that path. The author is a young Christian woman in the Seattle area. She is in the process of dealing with grief and loss. I was impressed by a certain amount of maturity beyond her years.

Anytime you are interested in reading her thoughts, please click the link in the blogroll.


One Response to “Set Apart”

  1. Kelsey Hough Says:

    Thank you for the blogroll and the post about it. 🙂


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