Highly Competitive Green Tea Market


Another player is diving into the current marketing trend in green tea (緑茶, りょくちゃ). As of yesterday JT (Japan Tobacco) started selling (新発売) green tea in plastic bottles under the brand Tsujiri (辻利). Here’s the official website. Clicking the detail button (もっと詳しく) under the 500 ml bottle will give a little more idea about the styling trend.

First you will see a kamon (家紋) or crest on the face near the top. It looks like a roof over the character for tea. The green coloring on the bottle is designed like a piece of bamboo with an angled cut at the top. The label looks like a piece of traditional washi (和紙), or Japanese paper. Very special characters and words are used to describe the tea as originating in 1860 in the Kyoto Uji area (京都宇治). Uji may be known today for burning discs for Nintendo, but traditionally it is known as one of the best tea growing regions. Everything about the packaging and advertising says “tradition and nostalgia”. Press releases say the target audience is 20 – 30 year old females. Check out the commercials here, if you like.

I tried it out today and it wasn’t anything special. Typically I don’t buy tobacco industry products, unless they stand out for some reason. I’ll just label this as a late foray into this trend. I prefer Iemon (伊右衛門) for flavor, tradition, and esthetics, Isecha (伊勢茶) because it is local, and others for various reasons. Itouen (伊藤園) produces some nice ads, but I don’t usually buy their product.

Just for good measure I will throw in: Namacha (生茶), being one of the three biggest market share holders, but presenting a feeling of right wingers, more than seductive nostalgia; and Hajime Saori (一・茶織), for it’s nostalgic labeling and an old romance that I won’t talk about now.

It’s nice talking about tradition as the chaff from the rice harvest is burning in the neighbor’s rice fields. The smoky fragrance is wafting through my rooms. More on that tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Highly Competitive Green Tea Market”

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