Finding Your Favorites


Titles for American movies in Japan can sometimes be a bit hard to follow. Occasionally they are kept in “original” English, but even those titles are mostly written out in Japanese sounds using katakana; like, Spiderman (supaidaaman, スパイダーマン). Most movies get a title translated into Japanese; however, the translated title is sometimes completely different from the original (but sometimes more descriptive of the film.) An example of a translated title would be “When Harry Met Sally”; which came out as Koibitotachi no Yokan (恋人たちの予感), that is, Lovers’ Foreboding (or maybe ‘Premonition’ would be better). Some movies get English titles, written in katakana, but they are different from the original; for example, “Around the Bend” (ラストマップ), released as “Last Map” (or possibly “Lost Map”, impossible to tell with katakana).

So, rather than struggle through trying to figure them out: look here. I stumbled across this page many months ago and find it convenient. It includes many non-American foreign movies as well. Sorry about the painful background, but it isn’t my site to format.

For movies not on the list I normally type the Japanese name into Google and put in the name of an actor or director in English. If I only put the Japanese title into the search, I often find sites without the original title. If I find a site that has people’s names in English, it seems they will inevitably show the title in English as well.


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