Scheduling Error


Yay! I had my first scheduling error for the new school. OK, that’s really not a good thing, but it means that I’m picking up more students. When you only have a few students, it is hard to accidentally double book.

Friday a student told me she couldn’t take classes in the last half of September. I could have been draconian and thanked her for the monthly fee and scheduled her for only two classes; after all, guaranteeing income is one of the reasons for monthly fees. Instead, we tried to schedule two classes per week to get her money’s worth. Wouldn’t want my first regular customer to be miffed. Momentarily I forgot about Thursday’s afternoon meeting.

An elementary school lost their assistant language teacher (ALT) and need a replacement for second and third term. Many elementary schools don’t have ALTs, but this school is involved in prefectural and national programs to investigate benefits of starting language study at younger ages. The pay offered is low, but the number of hours guaranteed per month add a stable footing while starting my school. I love working with elementary school kids and there will be opportunities to meet with higher level officials as well. I think there will be a number of benefits to this position.

No contracts were signed at our meeting, but they told me to show up on the seventh and gave me the schedule for this term. Also, it sounded like they might look for some national funds to supplement the moderate funding from the city and prefecture. I think I’ve mentioned in various posts that signing contracts is often a formality in Japan; once details have been worked out and everyone is in agreement do you really need the paper?

Anyhow, it looks like I need to take care of my action item that slipped through the cracks on Thursday: work up and print out my calendar.


One Response to “Scheduling Error”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    I think I’d be a bit hesitant to go to a school that “loses” their teachers…especially at the elementary level. Maybe we should get you microchipped in case they ‘misplace’ you as well. 🙂

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