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The vibrate and keypad light features on my cell phone failed a couple months back. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I noticed I was missing calls. At first I thought I turned off the vibrate feature when someone was calling early in the morning, but later I checked it out and found it was still turned on. The keypad lights seemed to malfunction intermittently over a period of time.

Both of these features are pretty important to me. I like to be subtle (at least in this case) and don’t go for the long, annoying ring tones that are so popular. If I have the vibrate function on, I don’t even need a ring to know that someone is calling. Particularly when someone is sending a mail message, I think it is silly to have the phone repeatedly play Amazing Grace for everyone in the room.

One friend recommended that I should go have the phone company take a look at it. She said they should replace it and, even if my model is no longer available, they would give me something newer. I was a little skeptical since my phone is from March of last year, but I needed to find out details in case I needed to buy a new phone.

The man verified that the phone was indeed malfunctioning and asked me two questions, “Has it been immersed in water? Has it been subjected to severe impact?” He pulled out a phone of exactly the same model and helped me transfer data across. My address book, internet bookmarks, and appointment book could all be salvaged. My call logs, email in and out boxes, and photos, could not. Anyhow, now I can send email at night again.


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