Enter the Fat Dragon


A couple months back I saw part of a movie on the Movie Plus channel. It was called 燃えよデブゴン7, which would be tough to translate without a lot of explanation; however, I think the English title is “Enter the Fat Dragon”. There are several movies in this series, so I’m not 100 percent certain, but here’s the IMDB entry for the most likely one. Clearly they were playing on the popularity of Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”.

Sammo directed and starred in this show. If you have seen him, you know he isn’t the slimmest martial artist around. Anyhow, the scene I saw interested me because it contained calligraphy. Two characters were in a protracted martial arts fight, but they would find ways to temporarily pin or hold their opponent, so they could write some message to them. It was amusingly choreographed and, if I read and spoke Chinese, I’m sure the verbal interaction would have been fun too. I did have Japanese subtitles, so I could catch a bit.

If you like Sammo, or calligraphy, or amusing martial arts sequences, this might be a fun film to watch. I can’t say much more about it because I only caught the one scene.


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