130 More Days


I always like getting packages from America, but I’m in a quandary. One friend sent a package but when I cut the brown paper away I found a present in wrapping paper. Clearly it is either for my birthday or Christmas. I couldn’t bear waiting until June to open it, so I’m assuming it’s for December. Hopefully I can make it another 130 days.


2 Responses to “130 More Days”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Did you shake it? Maybe that will give you a clue. If it’s from my Aunt in Hawaii, open it now and eat the contents!! 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    Well, the customs declaration form made it clear that there was a book in the package. I could have shaken it, but books never give many clues when shaken. Ultimately, I solved the problem by making a phone call to the states and found out it was a gift with no particular connection to special days. Once I got clearance, I opened it up and read it. It was called “Tomorrow: Adventures in an Uncertain World”. Very fitting since I live 16 or 17 hours ahead of Seattle: it is usually tomorrow here.

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