Body Make Program


Everyone born since about 1933 has had at least three years of English study in school and usually six years. Study starts in junior high school and continues through high school, but high school is not mandatory. I always try to encourage my students to dream big, but some of them tell me they have no plans for high school.

Because a little English is widely known, and many young people idolize American culture, a lot of English words get worked into Japanese vernacular. Of course, the pronunciation gets modified to be easy for everyone and sometimes the meaning gets changed as well.

Recently, kick-boxing fitness DVDs have become popular. “Billy’s Boot Camp” is number one, mostly because of a connection to the Japanese words biri and biribiri. These ads have a lot of English words here are my two favorites.

  • Body make program – exercise program with a focus on improving physical attractiveness (rather than fitness).
  • Body line – slender, curvaceous body shape (only used for positive context).

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