Swimming Upstream


Officially this week is O-Bon week. We don’t have any national holidays, but most people take some vacation. Many will take the whole week off if possible. We consider it a time of relaxation and escape from the normal busy schedule. Ironically, most people end out being incredibly busy: trapped in horrendous traffic jams; obligatory grave site visits; family visits; and ceremonies to send dead relatives back to the spirit world.

Some friends headed into the mountains to go swimming at a park for the afternoon. When I arrived it was pouring down rain, but the storm passed over and I managed to get a little sunburn. We did lots of talking and a little swimming.

I found the current in the middle of the river was quite powerful. Matching my swimming speed to the river, I was able to chat with friends on the shore and get my exercise. Swimming and swimming but not going anywhere is a unique feeling.


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