New Customers


Yesterday morning I noticed the pump that is part of my septic system was disconnected and unplugged. I made a mental note to drop by the realtor before performing bodily waste functions. I took care of some other task and went out to get my bike and go get some lunch. A big fancy car zipped down our alley ,cutting me off, and then stopped diagonally, blocking the way. He got out of the car quickly and I was wondering if someone was coming to start a fight with me.

Skittish mannerisms aside, I think he was trying to be polite and deliver a message. He let me know that he installed a new pump and I should please use it from here on. That explained why the pump had been disconnected.

He did comment on how I should be pulling weeds from the yard. At that point he did look a little annoyed. Today I pulled all except one variety which was very beautiful with it’s bright pinkish flowers.

My main reason for complying was my evening visitor. A Board of Education member introduced a group of ladies to me who are interested in a new teacher. After a long discussion about my interests in Japan and my study methods we got down to brass tacks and agreed on a schedule of two 90 minute classes per month. We conversed mostly in Japanese, but at the end we used English. She is about the middle of the class, but spoke very well. I expect this class will be very rewarding.


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