Mother of All Fireworks


Last night I went for special eel dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. It included a special kind of tea for pouring over the eel and rice. With a little wasabi and green onions it was very tasty.

Fireworks came up in discussion. Actually, the Mother of All Fireworks, came up. Kumano city (熊野) is known for their show among other historic things. There are over 10,000 shells and many special varieties. It is in the southern part of my prefecture, making it one of the hardest places to get to. Last year I was invited to join my friend’s family for a trip down, but I had other obligations.

Again, she has made arrangements for me to join them. We catch a train on the 17th around 2pm… that’s a Friday. My heart leaped, and then I opened my phone and flipped through my schedule. Just two days earlier, my Friday student had requested a morning class on that day! So, I plan to teach class, grab lunch, and catch a train to Kumano.


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    […] Bear Field Fireworks Friday was the date for the fireworks display in Kumano (熊野). For three years I have been hearing about this spectacular exhibit and how I must watch […]

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