Saturday night was the Hisai city fireworks display. Hisai was a city until January 1st of last year, when Tsu city incorporated all of the cities, towns, and villages between Matsusaka and Suzuka. I still think of Hisai as a city, but it has a strange status like a city within a city. Along with that, it has its own personality.

Tsu is not a huge city but, as the prefectural seat, it tends to have a more modern feeling. Hisai still has a more traditional feeling. Close to the train station there are still narrow streets with old shops and houses. There are a number of old shrines in the area as well.

On my way to watch the fireworks from a friend’s house, I was noticing that most of the people were wearing traditional clothes. In Tsu, many women will wear lightweight, brightly-colored, summer kimono, called yukata to events like the fireworks; however, many women don’t and most men just wear modern casual clothes. In contrast Hisai citizens, male and female alike, were turning out in droves wearing yukata and jinbei.

I kind of wish I was amongst the crowd, but we had a wonderful party with many tasty foods, so I certainly can’t complain.


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