Rescheduled Does Not Equal Canceled


When you are getting paid for the time you spend with clients it is important to remember the difference between cancel and reschedule. If a student calls and cancels a class, revenue is lost. If a student calls to cancel and you ask, “would you like to reschedule?”, the revenue is realized. This takes a little effort and maybe a little juggling, but paying the bills is nice.

Some people are reluctant to do this because they don’t want to be pushy, but asking nicely makes the customer feel important and usually they are happy not to miss out. Of course, sometimes rescheduling is too difficult for the students schedule and pushing could be annoying. A little wisdom should quickly tell these apart. Losing a customer is, naturally, worse than losing one class.

Today the student who couldn’t come on the first, came for her class. It went smoothly and we scheduled classes for the rest of the month. The weekend starts on a positive note.


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