Inauspicious Beginnings


Officially today was the first day of my new school. I haven’t taken the time to make my flyers. I’ve allowed printing problems to keep me from printing business cards. I even vacillate on my choice of names for the school. Oh yeah, my rate schedule has gone through numerous steps of rethinking. Regardless, students have materialized.

I thought it was promising that today I had a class scheduled; however, the student called in the afternoon to cancel. Really, she wanted to reschedule, so I hope to be teaching her on Friday. I might gross about $400 this month, but I am hopeful that September’s income will exceed my rent. If I am lucky, it won’t take too many months before I have completely replaced my previous income.

I have a few strong leads that I definitely need to get motivated and chase after. Also, I need to make sure that I make use of the free time for my other studies. One fear is that I will get popular enough that I will have to fight for time to expand my language and culture skills.


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