Cotyledon Sushi


No, cotyledon is not a kind of dinosaur; it is the first leaves of a seedling. Last night on “our way back” from Takayama (高山) we stopped for dinner in Matsusaka (松坂). A quick look at a map will show that you have to drive through Tsu (津) to get to Matsusaka, so it was a little overshoot. We really had two reasons for going past Tsu: my traveling companions were from Toba (鳥羽), Nabari (名張), and Ichishi (一志), so Matsusaka is kind of central to all points; and, more importantly, Tanaka-sensei wanted to take us to Futaba Sushi (双葉鮨).

Futaba means cotyledon in English. This restaurant specializes in double-sized sushi; the first character in futaba meaning twin, two, or double. Quantity did not override quality, and we enjoyed ourselves greatly. One specialty item was Matsusaka beef, lightly braised, salted and placed on some rice – very tasty.

Seating at the restaurant is limited: one table for four and six stools at the counter. When my sister was living in Kyoto (京都) we lucked upon a similar place that mostly did delivery business. I learned a special word in Japanese class for these secret, tiny, tasty places: anaba (穴場).

Ana means hole and ba means place. Anaba can be used for any kind of secret spot; your favorite little park that nobody uses could qualify.

The past three days were tremendously enjoyable, but I got home tired and skipped shuji (習字) class today. It was a shame since it was the day to write a clean copy of the Tanabata model (七夕手本) on a large piece of gasenshi (画仙紙), the long narrow paper used for scrolls. Last week’s work was decent, but it won’t be enough to advance. Life is always full of trade offs – it is impossible to do everything I want to do right now. No regrets: on to next month.


2 Responses to “Cotyledon Sushi”

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