Sneaking Food into Restaurants


Forgot to mention dinner in yesterday’s post. We went to a famous butcher shop in town and picked up goodies for dinner. I asked a few questions about how and where we were going to eat this. Answers were peculiar, hard to understand, and almost evasive. Details aren’t important so I didn’t press.

We went for dinner in one of the restaurants at Hirayu (平湯), where they served meat similar to what we got from the butcher. Our leader proceeded to order up a storm. I found this all perplexing and wondered what happened to the earlier purchase.

Meat grilling under my nose soon distracted me and I started munching away. Suddenly I noticed a sheepish look across the table. Following furtive glances about the hall, a styrofoam tray appeared from under the table, loaded with fresh meaty goodness. The first half of our meal was a ruse to cover up our outside purchase. I felt amusingly like a junior high schooler on summer break, yet we were all junior high teachers.


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