Introspection Party


Thursday night we had a party for the end of the first term and start of summer break. We had a nice meal at Tau Tau, a local Chinese restaurant. It’s a little pricey, but they decided it should be my going away party and covered my costs. A little icing on the cake was a few presents from the English teachers (and one Japanese teacher).

Parties seem to get labeled with all sorts of names; this event was no exception: hanseikai (反省会). Hansei means reflection, regret, self-examination, review, or soul-searching. Presumably we should think about how first term transpired, but mostly we were enjoying ourselves.

Because the drunk driving laws in Japan are extremely severe and the restaurant is not so far from my home, I took my bike. Since I was meeting with the mayor the next morning, I tried not to drink much with dinner; regardless, there was some difficulty when I departed.

The vice-principal noticed me with my bike and told me, “Even on a bike, riding after drinking is no good.” At first I just put it off by assuring him I was returning on back roads, but he just said the same thing. Other people helped steer the conversation in other direction and he just kept bringing it up. I was sorry things had to end on that note, but it seems VPs are responsible for everything that transpires at school events, and had I not returned home safely it would have caused him a lot of trouble.


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