Coming Out – Again


Once again I am on TV. Once again I am in the newspaper. I have been averaging once or twice a year, but this is only the second time I have appeared in both media at the same time. I suppose I should be diligent about keeping copies everytime; it would certainly help impress potential customers visiting my school. We use two different verbs in Japanese for appearing on TV or in the paper, but we use the same particle. In English we need two different prepositions, but can use the same verb.

新聞に載ってる Shinbun ni notteru [I’m] in the paper
テレビに出てる Terebi ni deteru [I’m] on the TV

I used a casual verb form here. Noru and deru are the raw dictionary forms, which in a sentence would usually imply some future action (e.g., I will be in the paper). Notte iru and dete iru are forms that imply a habitual action or, in this case, something that is in the process of occurring now (e.g., I’m in the paper). Notteru and deteru are just casual, shortened forms. We use this a lot in speech because it is quicker; perhaps you can think of it like a contraction in English.

Also, today I discovered that sometimes we can use deru for the newspaper as well. This becomes handy when you need to say, briefly, “I was on TV and [in the] newspaper”; which can’t be done in English because of the different prepositions.

We can imply parts of speech in Japanese: objects, subjects, verbs. We do it in English sometimes, but it is widespread in Japanese. The sentences in the table don’t actually specify who is in the paper or on the TV. In this case I am implying that, “In the paper!” refers to me, but I would use the same sentence to say, “You’re in the paper!” We have the ability to make the longer and less ambiguous sentence, but it usually isn’t needed. Non-verbal cues in any language let us know pretty quickly who the person is talking about. In English, “In the paper!” just doesn’t work out so well.

So, the TV bit is from a kids event we did last August. A synopsis appeared every hour for a week on the local channel. Next month they will hold the event again, so they edited the spot to recruit participants. I don’t think I can watch this channel using my digital cable, so I haven’t seen it yet. I hear the final shot is of me lifting a kid up to complete our giant totem pole.


3 Responses to “Coming Out – Again”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Since I now know you’re such a celebrity, I’ll have to introduce you to Brian Tracy the next time you visit. He used to host a local tv show or two here and is convinced he’s a big time celebrity.

    It was a bit embarassing…Keven & I had only been going out a couple of months at most and the first time I met Keven’s brother and wife (Keven blogged about this evening, but I can’t remember if he mentioned this incident). We’d gone to the Keg for dessert and I was a regular there. Keven’s mother joined us and I had only met her a couple of times before (at best). Anyway, Brian, whom I’d only talked to once before and about a year or more prior, came over, addressed me by name and wanted to know who my group of people were. Against my better judgement, I made introductions and as soon as he heard that Erik & Teri were from NY, he launched into his whole celebrity thing. When he was done and finally left, they all looked at me and Keven’s mom very nicely asked “so, how do you know him?”. My response was “I don’t”.

    I would’ve gladly been swallowed whole.

  2. Gary Niemi Says:

    Is there a way we can see the TV bit? Youtube, maybe?

  3. びっくり Says:

    Gary – sorry for the delayed response. I, myself, did not get to see the latest TV spot of me. When I am feeling energetic, I might try to get copies from the TV stations, but that is definitely back burner stuff. However, I keep thinking about getting a digital recorder to capture footage for my blog. (also, to help me regulate my sleeping and TV watching time.)

    Sun Kissed – if you don’t know Mr. Tracy, how did he address you by name???

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