Not Shaken Nor Stirred


Had an earthquake today. I wouldn’t have known except I was glued to the TV set and saw the report. I think the epicenter was somewhere in Niigata (新潟) prefecture, which is on the Sea of Japan coast and pretty far north from here.

Earthquake, tsunami, and typhoon reports on the TV are very convenient. Right away we get a tone and text information scrolls across the top or bottom of the screen. Within a couple of minutes we get a more detailed report.

In the end, it doesn’t matter so much ,because we should behave about the same regardless of where the epicenter was or how strong it was. We should be prepared for aftershocks, and in low, coastal areas we should be aware of waves. Although the information is mostly just information, it is still nice to know; uncertainty vexes us more than it should.


2 Responses to “Not Shaken Nor Stirred”

  1. kevenker Says:

    I heard one of the nuclear plants had a radioactive leak from the earthquake (or the one the next day) 🙂 This post seemed more appropriate to post since the other one spent most of the time describing your house!

  2. びっくり Says:

    After the radioactive leak, Godzilla was reawakened. He is keeping the reporters and emergency staff busy, so we didn’t hear about the radioactive leak here. 😉

    Actually, I wrote this up before I saw anything on the news. The next morning they talked about it a lot in the news because the Prime Minister visited the plant shortly after the accident. I think that is mostly done to give the people confidence that it is safe. (Which brings up memories of a SNL sketch involving then President Carter and a Three Mile Island-like facility visit.)

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