The Wolves Den


Kind of fun seeing checking out the blog statistics when I log in to manage my account. Lots of data is available about how people find my site and what they look at while they are visiting. Some guys at a site called “The Wolves Den” were trying to settle an argument about the meaning of nyuusen and used one of my posts to figure it out. Another user looked at Free Dict, an online dictionary, and turned up multiple answers.

When Japanese words are written out phonetically there is often ambiguity because of the preponderance of homophones. My electronic dictionary turned up four words that phonetically match nyuusen. Of course, when these words are written in kanji characters it is easy to tell the difference between them.

  1. 入船 ship coming into port, or docked
  2. 入選 “winning work” (really like honorable mention)
  3. 入線 train pulling onto track at originating station – also, favorite horse crossing the finishing line
  4. 乳腺 mammary glands

Just by chance, the same day they were accessing my site, I was using one of these words… accidentally.

At a youchien (幼稚園) I was talking to the teachers about having a stone in my urinary tract (尿道), pronounced nyoudou. Well, dou means ‘road’, ‘path’, or ‘way’ and sen means ‘line’, ‘track’, or ‘way’; I have a tendency to mix up the two. Throw in a slight mispronunciation of the first syllable and you have me explaining about a stone in my mammary glands.


One Response to “The Wolves Den”

  1. Sunkissd1 Says:

    I heard that was the original, and more truthful, diagnosis. 🙂

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