Power Puff Girls Box Lunch


Cartoon Network Japan gives us a recipe each month (あけてびっくりお弁当レシピ) for a cartoon-themed box lunch. This month is Power Puff Girls O-Bento (パワーパふガールズお弁当) month.

April’s featured lunch was Power Puff Girls Z (パワパふガールズZお弁当), which has hamburger in it for you meat lovers.

December’s recipe was a Power Puff Girls cake (パワーパフガールズケーキ). Japanese Christmas tradition is to eat a cake on the 24th, so I would guess every December we’ll see a cake recipe instead of a lunch.

Have fun cooking!

4 Responses to “Power Puff Girls Box Lunch”


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  2. びっくり Says:

    This is the oddest thing. The above comment is clearly automatically generated spam. The thing that strikes me is that this is for a local meeting hall in Tsu (津) and the words are appropriately generated to direct business their way. So, the question is: who is working for them? My guess is that they are receiving direction in sleazy, annoying spam ads from one of the foreigners living in the area. I might have to nose around and find out if I know who it is.

    Another strange point is that spammers usually hide their comments in the deep dark recesses of my archives, but this is the most recent post.

  3. Keven Says:

    Yeah, I notice that they usually post on really old entries. Doesn’t seem like it would be that useful but I guess it must work for them somehow.

  4. びっくり Says:

    I am guessing they have some way to evaluate what kind of post will get the most traffic. Or maybe I am overthinking and it is just random.

    I did notice that one entry kept getting very elicit spam of the same nature. I was deleting the comments as quick as possible, but there was inevitably another the next day. I adjusted my spam filtering in a way that would have caught those comments and kicked them to moderation. Naturally, there haven’t been any since I got set up for them.

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