English Kanji Video


I was wondering why nobody commented on this post… Today I discovered 90 percent of it had mysteriously vanished. I guess an empty post is not so exciting. I retyped an abbreviated entry here… I hope it survives.

Wandering around the back corridors of YouTube I came across an interesting video from a Japanese TV program. This Shodo instructor writes kanji characters out of roman letters, using an English word with the same meaning. For example, 愛 means ‘love’, so she used the letters ‘L, O, V, and E’ to make this character. Another was 花 which means ‘flower’. This one was a little tougher.


3 Responses to “English Kanji Video”

  1. Keven Says:

    Unfortunately for me time is short right now thanks to work. I will try to view the video soon!

  2. Keven Says:

    OK. I just bit the bullet and watched it. It’s only 4 minutes or so. 🙂 Very interesting! 🙂

  3. びっくり Says:

    Perhaps I should put the duration next to any video I link.

    So, I panicked and ‘fixed’ this entry. Later, I figured out that the entry was fine before I edited it. Something changed at the school and board of education apparently. The entry still looks wonky here and if it is anywhere on the screen the formatting gets bizarre.

    One problem has the header shifted to the left. Another has the entry ending at the point of the link and the fields after the entry link to the video instead of the categories. Very odd. I hope none of my readers are experiencing that issue. At home (Ubuntu/Firefox) everything looks normal.

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