Carry Me


I’ve seen this ad on TV a number of times recently, so I tracked down their website. Fortunately, you can see the whole ad there.

Couple sits on park bench as woman complains about being hungry. Man suggests looking for GOGO Restaurant.

“Really? Around here?”

The man plugs the restaurant.

“I’m famished,” she moans.

“Is it OK, if we go look?”

“I don’t want to walk.” (Pan to sign on back of bench, showing that the restaurant is only ten meters away.)

“Really, I think it is close to here.” (Note: he starts to move off in the wrong direction.)

“I doooonnn’t wannnt to waaalk!”

As far as I can tell this service allows you to buy ads to be distributed nationwide. Personally, I just found their ad amusing.

The second video was a little harder to grasp. The guy is going through an eye test and misses every question. The lady asks him if he has a lot of trouble seeing, and he responds that he can’t see at all. The eye cover has an ad for an eyeglass shop on it. (Clearly no better placed than the restaurant sign.)


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