When it’s OK to Throw the Students


Final exams were in their second day, so I taught at another youchien (幼稚園), or kindergarten, today. The weather was hot, so we went swimming before lunch. It was a lot of fun, but when you are swimming with 5-year-olds, the water isn’t very deep. We did some exercises that called for lowering ourselves down to our chins in the water. The kids legs were bent about 90 degrees to accomplish this, but my hiney was on my heels and my knees were under my chin.

Another difficulty is that at 5, they are very honest and starting to get mean. My midsection was the object of more than a few comments. Perhaps this will motivate me to do a little “temple maintenance”.

One of the funnest activities for me, and for kids, is throwing them. When you are in a pool, with a little care, you can safely toss kids a fair distance. We had a blast with this. Of course I like tossing them up in the air in the classroom too, but there I have to be sure that they don’t fall. I am proud of my safety record with kids; they are precious and important, and must be protected.

Because it was sunny, and we were playing in water (lots of reflection), and my skin has turned “salmon belly white” from lack of exercise outside, I got a pretty good sunburn. Fortunately it looks like it was not too harsh and my body is turning it brown. I was going to label this post “getting burned” because there is more burning tomorrow, but I wanted to link back to my “hit the students” post.


4 Responses to “When it’s OK to Throw the Students”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    That has got to be one of your funniest posts yet!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Glad to hear I tickled a funny bone. Had some fun at Youchien today. The mother’s came in at the end of the day and I taught them like they were 5-year-olds, so they could see what the kids studied. I’m pretty sure everyone was on board with the concept so they didn’t think I was talking down to them.

  3. sunkissd1 Says:

    Did you demo the children throwing? As a parent, that would really impress me!!

  4. びっくり Says:

    The parents were beefy enough that I couldn’t really get much distance with them. Also, the throwing of kids is not officially in my lesson plan. Don’t want it in writing.

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