Parabolic Problems or Misplaced Mirrors


Because I live in a former castle town (城下町) there are a lot of narrow, maze-like streets in the area. Some roads have been widened and cut through to make thoroughfares, but a lot of them are remain as they were hundreds of years ago (although they are paved now.)

Conditions predicate measures be taken to ensure safety. Naturally, the first being drivers must cooperate in their use of the roadway. Tight space at intersections creates low visibility. Another safety measure to prevent collisions is installation of parabolic mirrors, much like those found in hospital hallways to keep fast moving gurneys from piling up.

Most of the mirrors are at a well-positioned 45 degree angle, providing helpful views down the cross street; however, sometimes the height and angle are a little awkward. In these cases they still provide a fine view of the other traffic, but when I get close to them, my car or headlights also appear. This may just be my brain problem: the location of my car seems to be coming from the right, which freaks me out.


2 Responses to “Parabolic Problems or Misplaced Mirrors”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    It’s most definitely a brain problem…probably some brain damage from your younger, wilder years!! Or maybe it was from being thrown as a child. 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    The throwing was no big deal… it was the landings that caused trouble. One time I fell head first off an 8 foot ladder. I have a strange ridge on my head, which I’m sure comes from that incident.

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