Johba Fitness Kiki


Recently a friend pointed out the Hula Chair, a new piece of exercise equipment. Their commentary made it seem like they considered it a little silly… hold onto your hats while I gear up to the next level of silliness. Oh, also, here’s some video of the Hula Chair.

The suit-wearing gentleman in the video compares this motion to riding a horse… enter the Johba Fitness Kiki (乗馬フィットネス機器)! Literally we can translate that as “horse riding fitness machine”. No, that isn’t one of those horses in front of the supermarket when we were kids, which we could plug with our nickels. (Where did they go anyhow? – Probably another victim of litigation.)

Here’s a link to a model called the Rodeo Boy II for only 29,800 yen (~$250). Or for the more upscale, JOBA, priced at 158,000 yen (>$1300). See the picture of the woman with the headset? The JOBA will generate Oxygen gas and blow it in your face to refresh you while riding.

At the electronics stores there are a lot of these on display, and I am tempted to try them out, but they seem to be exclusively marketed to women. Like the women-only features on the automated toilet seats, I am afraid to cross the line – even in the name of curiosity.

Update: here’s a little YouTube of someone who isn’t afraid. Note: the person posting mentioned that his girlfriend is riding. Clearly he was brave enough to hold the camera, but not to board the machine. Oh! Lucky find: here are some models using the hula chair and a johba fitness kiki.


5 Responses to “Johba Fitness Kiki”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Good God! What will they think of next! I saw the commercial for the hula chair recently and I thought the chick was enjoying it a little too much…

    Are you going to get one?

  2. kevenker Says:

    That johba fitness kiki seems like those exercise belts from the 50s. You get jiggled around, but the ultimate effect is nil.

  3. びっくり Says:

    Oh, we get tons of ads for various body-jiggling “exercise” belts. Is there actually any scientific basis for that? I love hearing the announcer yell out, “kantan ekusasaizu.” – Simple exercise

  4. SiLLiNeSS « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] fortunately (or not) snapped some photos for posterity. Our first photo today is me on a Joba, which is a piece of exercise equipment which simulates horse riding. Afraid to turn the machine […]

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