Eating Packing Material


Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to eat packing material… and enjoy it.

One friend was nice enough to send me a care package from America for my birthday. It had gum, candy, reading material and – to fill the box – some packing material. The packing material was actually packages of “Bowl Appétit” – lightweight and edible.

Cooking directions for the pasta are a little odd: hot (not boiling) water should be added and stirred in well; then the bowl should be cooked in a microwave; and then stirred again. I found myself unable to eat them at home, having no microwave, so I took them to the office. I had been tempted to ignore the directions and just stir in boiling water, but didn’t want to find out what disaster would befall my meal shipped from America.

Tuesdays I usually work at the Board of Ed. office, and there is a microwave in the kitchenette. I cooked up the pasta and chowed down. It was pretty tasty for an instant meal from a package.

One Response to “Eating Packing Material”

  1. kevenker Says:

    And here I thought it was popcorn! My grandma used to do that. She’d pack our Christmas gifts into a box and put popcorn around it. Even though it was 6 or 7 days old, it was still good! 🙂

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