End of the Line


Yesterday I realized that I hadn’t ridden the train to the end of the line in a long time. Most of the front-facing seats on Japanese trains have a release and can be spun around. This is convenient when four people are traveling together and want to face each other. Before now, at the end of the line, the “old” procedure was used: the conductor would walk through the train, reversing all the seats before opening the door for new passengers. Reversing the seats was necessary because at the end of the line the back of the train becomes the front.

Last night, I saw the “new” procedure: all of the seats turned around automatically. This was pretty cool to watch (I may have to take a trip with the camera and capture some video). The seats moved in a staggered pattern to avoid collisions; which made it look even better.


2 Responses to “End of the Line”

  1. Sunkissd1 Says:

    I would be happy if they just heated and massaged my back! Ü

  2. びっくり Says:

    Well, I’m guessing something that fancy would require Green Car tickets on a bullet train or something. After all, we’re kind of like Oregon (except oil refineries are legal here) and our local train line is not the stuff of Robin Leach’s reporting.

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