Abject Failure


Friday I took the level 6 kanji proficiency test (漢字検定試験6級). I was surprised how many questions I could answer since I spent about an hour studying for the test. I would recommend 30 to 100 hours of study for someone wanting to pass with flying colors.

I was busy preparing for my speech or just being generally lazy, so I didn’t study enough. I am guessing I will get about 54%. A passing grade is 70%. I didn’t fill in more than 60% of the test, so there is no way I passed.

I am pretty cavalier about the test because I can sign up again and it only cost 2000 yen; however, it dawned on me that my previous dedicated efforts may have brought respect and attention to the teacher organizing the tests. I hope I did not bring him embarrassment.

Eventually I will break my funk and redouble my studies. My goal for the year is to pass level 5. Then I will know as much as any elementary school grad.


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