Happy -26th Birthday


My younger sister was born in year 45 and it is now year 19; clearly she must be -26 years old. I hope I don’t get in trouble for mention a woman’s age. For an explanation of the screwy numbers please read about my father’s 11th birthday.

My birthday is in two days. I already received a care package from home filled with good stuff. I opened everything early, under the auspices of checking for perishables. Of course, that’s a thin argument since the customs label pretty clearly spelled out what was inside. Only one item with gift wrapping needed to be stored in the fridge and it was pretty easy to identify. So, there, I spilled it, I’m just a spoiled kid that wouldn’t wait to open his presents.

One item was “Does Anything Eat Wasps?”, the book before “Why Don’t Penguins Feet Freeze?”, which I got for Christmas (and enjoyed.) This book promises to be as entertaining (for geeks like me) and I already read about wasp-eating.


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