Columbo the Murderer


Super Drama TV is currently showing a lot of Columbo episodes. They are a lot of fun to watch and are pretty well done. However, I find that Columbo is directly responsible for a lot of the deaths in his shows. Often the criminal finds himself (or, occasionally, herself) in a position where another murder attempt seems called for.

  • First attempt failed; leaving victim unable to communicate, but it looks like they are recovering.
  • Clues are pointing to criminal, so another party must die in circumstances that implicate them (e.g., remorseful suicide.)
  • Witness or informant must be removed to limit evidential trail.

In all of these circumstances, Columbo is aware of the connection and the likely victim. Actually, he often antagonizes the criminal to action, but he rarely provides police protection for the other party. It always helps him wrap up the case though. I have decided that he is complicit in these deaths.

He does save the second victim in the episode with Leonard Nimoy. Realizing that Nimoy’s character dyed dissolving sutures to look like non-dissolving sutures and used them in a heart valve operation, he puts Nimoy in a bind to get the sutures out and destroyed. He fakes failure of the artificial valve, necessitating a ‘good’ valve replacement.

That really doesn’t have anything to do with Japan, other than being on TV here, but it was on my mind as something amusing and I wrote it up.

At the school sports day today, a former student dropped by. I’ll refer to him as Longfellow here. He was one of my special needs students. Because it was sports day, we had about 450 students, 50 faculty, and a couple hundred parents gathered outside. Longfellow dropped by to see a teacher, not to see sports day. He is extremely shy, so it took tremendous coaxing to get him to walk with me to see the teacher. He spent a lot of the time “hiding” behind me. Of course, when he was hiding, he was still visible to hundreds of people, but they were pretty distracted by the other activities.

I always like the special needs classes, and I was pleased that such a bashful student has no trouble asking me for help (or using me as a safe place to hide.)

Longfellow is now at a high school for students with similar difficulties. If starting my new school doesn’t work out and I have to look for an employer in the future, I think I might seek a contract at that school. But that is around a corner that I just can’t see yet.


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