It’s Raining Again


Recently I heard Supertramp’s “It’s Raining Again” on the radio, and this weekend we got overrun with lightning storms, high winds, and heavy rains for three days. I choose to be amused rather than frightened, but did have a few annoyances.

Friday afternoon I was late getting to Japanese class because of traffic jams. Oddly, as I got through each jam, I could see no cause for any of them. I left class and picked up some Western goodies at Yamaya: pretzels, juice, crackers, etc. For dinner, I decided to go to Zipang and try some tasty South American fusion. I knew the RR crossing to the north was closed and guarded by police, so I headed south. At the next crossing, I found more police. I opened the window and flagged down an officer for questioning. I didn’t get a clear understanding of what was happening, but it was clear that the next couple crossings would also be closed.

I looped back to a road that crosses over the tracks and wound my way to the izakaya only to find that they were not open. I wasted a lot of time circling around in traffic jams by that time, so I headed for the house.

Saturday I had shuji class at 1pm, but didn’t want to walk there in a storm. About 2pm it died down to a drizzle and I rushed over for a few hours of writing. I was glad I could make it, since lately I haven’t been able to complete any works for submission. We have two or three more chances to practice this month, so I should be able to turn in something good.

Other than that I spent most of the weekend watching movies in English, playing on the internet, and sleeping.

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