How Not to Burn Your Food


I wrote about some cooking difficulties I have encountered in Japan. Yesterday I participated in a barbecue thrown by three small English schools in Mie. We went to the park and beach next to Shiroko Port (白子港) and started cooking up whatever we brought. I grabbed some salmon steaks to toss on the grill.

While the charcoal used in Japan is very different from briquettes in America, they both work out about the same. All three steaks came off the grill perfectly cooked, with the skin done well enough to make for easy eating without being burnt. The meat flaked apart easily, but wasn’t dried out. Yummm!!!

I might have to put a grill in the back yard and cook all my dinners on that.

After dinner I met up with my Canadian-Brazilian friends from the church in Yokkaichi (四日市) at a place called Power City. It is a shopping mall between all the refineries and chemical plants in the Shiohama (塩浜) area. Kind of an amusing place to put restaurants.

They are five months pregnant and they have a young daughter. She is now 3 years old and starting her terrible twos; actually, she is pretty well behaved as kids go. We had a nice little tantrum in the restaurant, but nobody seemed to mind. The staff actually got more upset when we went to two other tables to talk with other acquaintances who came to dine. I got in trouble at another restaurant on Friday for the same thing. I get the impression this is frowned on in Japan.

Deprived myself of sleep a little bit yet again. I have to get that in check because I think it might be contributing to my weight problem.

One Response to “How Not to Burn Your Food”

  1. Keven Says:

    Yes, sleep deprivation is known to cause weight gain. Definitely get more sleep! I know sleep doesn’t help your learning new things directly since you are unconscious, but it helps it indirectly by increasing your retention. Oh wait, for you that might be a bad thing since you get bored once you master a topic… 🙂

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