Growing Up and Turning Japanese


Watched my first two episodes of “Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Zed“; basically like the Powerpuff Girls, but now the main characters are Japanese teenagers.

In one episode, the girls alarms kept going off to warn them of trouble at inconvenient times. They had to come up with excuses for all three of them to leave a piano recital and later, a lecture. At the end of the show they were questioned by a teacher in the hall and, after lengthy debate about how to get loose, they finally just said, “We are the Powerpuff Girls and we need to go save Tokyo.” I wasn’t paying very close attention, but I think the teacher said something like, “Why are you telling me that, you should be telling your homeroom teacher.”

The other episode pitted them against the Rowdy Rough Boys: a trio that looked pretty much like the girls but ran around doing nasty stuff. They had special powers like: flicking earwax balls with q-tips, or throwing a dirty sock like a boomerang. They apparently were susceptible to “girl germs” – when one power puff girl grabbed a boy’s shoulder he got very grossed out. When the girls were after the boys they flipped up the girls’ skirts, paralyzing them. This is a bit of a joke about a not altogether uncommon action of junior high school boys and the typical embarrassed response of girls. However more than a few times, I have seen boys take a beating after trying that stunt.

Probably the best gag involved a teacher, using her very understanding methods to find the good in Mojo. It actually seemed to be working until she offered him bananas and called him a monkey. He flipped out, screaming, “I am not a monkey!”

I think fans of the original would probably find a lot of humor and fun in this series, but it is not going to be mind-expanding fuel for solving the world’s problems. I hear that it is supposed to be released in America, but that hasn’t happened yet.


One Response to “Growing Up and Turning Japanese”

  1. Keven Says:

    Mojo is the best evil guy ever!!

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