Finding One’s True Self


Mid-May I wrote about the concept of returning to one’s true self and how that might not be so good if your true self is less than ideal. A couple friends gave me a little grief about it, so I promised to write a little more and in a less self-deprecating tone.

I think at my core is a desire for learning. Since I was young I have always enjoyed learning about things. When choosing interests I find that how deep the topic is carries a lot of subconcious weight in the decision. Studying shuji definitely falls into a category of depth.

A downside of this desire is that when the learning curve tapers off, I have a tendency to get bored. Designing controls for refineries and chemical plants provided intense learning for four years – process technology, programming languages, mathematics – but, the learning curve dropped off sharply. This was one of the biggest factors in my first career change.

Naturally, a lot of the maintenance activities in life – paying bills, doing chores, eating healthfully – are of critical importance, yet involve very little learning. I find that it takes a fair effort to motivate myself for maintenance.

I might right a little later about pursuing knowledge without purpose but, if I do, it will probably be plagiarized from my favorite collection of 66 books.

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