My Butt Doesn’t Care


While writing about the well-designed Nepia Hoxy tissue boxes, I fumbled around their website to see what other products were there. Everytime I poke into product lists for Japanese companies, something unique turns up. This time it was toilet paper.

JAPANの香り“, japan no kaori, could be translated as “flavor of Japan”, but I’ll go with “Fragrance of Japan” here. The two products on the webpage are “No. 1 桜の香り”, sakura no kaori, and “No. 2 茶の香り”, cha no kaori – cherry blossom and tea fragrances, respectively.

The first is described as “delicate, sweet cherry blossom fragrance in soft pink rolls.” The second; “sweet, aromatic tea fragrance in soft green rolls.” Translation is always a tough activity because this could also be translated as “sweet, savory tea flavor”; which might tempt some to think this is for snacking, rather than wiping.

Bottom line for me is that I can’t smell with my hiney, so I really have my doubts about such a product.


2 Responses to “My Butt Doesn’t Care”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Quite obviously you haven’t gotten into yoga that much. I think in some positions you would be quite close to smelling your hindquarters and could probably even kiss your own ass. Some of the deodorants smell really good in the containers (I know this from recent shopping with Keven for pitstick for Squid who ran out and didn’t tell anyone…hence the phrase smell her before she enters the room. I’m sure the teachers discourage the kids from raising their hands…eeewwww…) but I don’t think they’d smell quite as tasty after being warmed up in someone’s pits & mixed with sweat. I need to go throw up now. Ciao.

  2. びっくり Says:

    Did a little hot yoga, but didn’t do any butt-kissing. The kids at school are sometimes quite rank. Traditionally Japanese people bathe in the evening and sleep all night in hot, humid conditions before getting up to face the day with a brief face-washing. Kids have sports club training before school, PE during school, and a few hours of sports club practice after school. And all this without showers at the school. When I was in junior high, skipping a post-PE shower would be the source of horrendous bullying by students. Of course, not getting dressed and to the next class on time was the source of bullying from the teacher. Good luck keeping your daughter smelling fresh.

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