The Little Travellers


Additional information regarding my earlier post about The Little Travelers. During my discussions with the creator of the DVD, he mentioned that it could also be found using a double ‘l’ in The Little Travellers. I thought it was clever to register this spelling as well. I think most people expect verbs ending in a vowel followed by an ‘l’ to require doubling the consonant when making a noun by adding ‘er’. Hence, I would expect more people to use the second spelling, even though it is listed in dictionaries as an alternate.

Plans are also under way for an educational book to go along with the disks, but it sounds like we might have to wait for that due to various cost and production details.

Presumably, if the Japan and Bali DVDs sell well, an Ireland disk will be next on the list.

ETA: this post was marked private at the request of the website creator because their site was under construction. It was returned to public status on July 4, 2008. The Bali DVD and a British Isles DVD are now available.


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