Throat Warbler Mangrove 2


Awhile back I wrote a post called Throat Warbler Mangrove talking about a Japanese friend who insisted I put her name in my cell phone as Joli Mama instead of Maeyama Ikuyo. I figured out how to enter a reading that was different from the spelling and everything was cool.

Or, at least it seemed cool, until I took a road trip with Joli Mama and Joli Papa to his family home. While we were paying respects in front of his family graves, I noticed that none of them read Maeyama… they all read Okumura. The answer was simple, if not a bit rare in Japan; when then Joli family got married she kept her maiden name.

I felt a bit odd having Joli Papa appearing under his wife’s name, but more importantly, I had entered the alternate reading to keep track of real name’s. I modified his entry appropriately. Now I have all the data, but their names appear on different pages in my directory. You can’t win ’em all.

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