The Little Travelers


Last night I went to a party in Matsusaka (松阪) at a friend’s house. She has an amazing yard with arches of roses, lawn, and inlaid brick walkways; all rather rare in Japan. We had to leave the party early to pick up a visitor from America.

This evening I headed to another friend’s house close by in Takada Danchi Shinmachi (片田団地新町) for sukiyaki (すき焼き) dinner. Our guest of honor from America showed us an interesting DVD called The Little Travelers. While he was living in Kyoto (京都) he filmed his young daughters experiencing the life and culture of Japan. This month they have released the edited DVD for sale.

Production quality is high enough to be easy to watch, but not so professionally polished as to remove the desired, relaxed feeling of the show. In 58 minutes of runtime they manage to pack in a lot of detail, entirely narrated by the girls. I rate it two thumbs up.

For educating children, this DVD beats out your ordinary documentary shows. Being narrated by kids, from their own perspective, increases the likelihood of maintaining interest. For any adult that likes kids, this would be an enjoyable way to find out about the Land of the Rising Sun. My copy has already been ordered. I plan to use it in some of my English classes here.

Bonus materials include a puppet production of Momotaro (桃太郎), a simple Japanese lesson, and trailers for this DVD and the next release – Bali.


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