Policeman Shot Dead


Apparently I have been living in a cave. Thursday a man in Nagakute (長久手), a part of Nagoya (名古屋), took his ex-wife hostage. He shot his son and daughter, both in their 20s. A police officer from a nearby police box was a first-responder to the son’s call for help. This officer was also shot, but will probably survive. A SAT (Special Assault Team) arrived to contain the situation. One 23-year-old SAT member was fatally shot as he was standing guard while other members were removing the earlier downed officer. Eventually the hostage taker surrendered to police (on Saturday, I think).

There was significant time between the wife being released and the man surrendering; which tells you a lot about how patient Japanese policemen are.  Certainly, in America an armed hostage taker who had killed an officer would be in custody or dead within minutes of releasing the last hostage.

So, I still can’t figure out how this started Thursday and I just found out from a Canadian on Sunday afternoon. She said it was being given live coverage on Friday and all the teachers at her school were talking about it.

Several high-profile violent crimes have popped-up lately, giving rise to speculation about reasons for moral decline.


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