New Balanced Food


I’m pretty sure I have mentioned Calorie Mate a few times before. Calorie Mate Block, labelled as Balanced Food, looks a bit like good shortbread; however, it tastes much different. The original blocks are cheese flavored. Many find them unpleasant, but I have a fondness for them. Partly this comes from a nostalgic feeling for the more innocent days when I first visited Japan in 1989, and partly because of my love of cheese.

Fruit, Vegetable, and Chocolate flavors were added over the years. I find vegetable a bit repugnant; chocolate, a bit to dessert-like; and fruit (really apple) merely stumbles on the point that it isn’t cheesy.

Recently, Potato flavored blocks have gone on sale. In the interest of satisfying readers I thought of buying and eating some immediately, but balked at remembering my Vegetable experience. However, after repeated trips to the store, it was inevitable that I would break down and buy a couple blocks.

Even though I bought some, it was several days before I opened it and chowed down. They were far less offensive than Vegetable, but in no danger of knocking Original from its perch. The flavor was something like french fries or tater tots, which I felt didn’t belong in a bread/cookie-like bar. Aside from this perceived mismatch, nothing else was peculiar.


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