Mayumi Mayumi


Had a conversation the other day about funny names like Baxter Baxter or John Johns, and how it seems like those parents don’t like their children – or didn’t think ahead when naming. Someone felt that sort of name would not be possible in Japan because there are first names and there are last names, each having different characteristics.

At the time I couldn’t pull up examples, but I was sure I had seen family names that were the same as, or similar to, given names. Sure enough, doing some data entry recently, I stumbled upon the family name, Mayumi, and the given name, Mayumi, in a list of about 450 names.

Of course, they were not the same person’s names, so perhaps the person who suggested this would never happen in Japan, is indeed correct. Perhaps Japanese parents are not cruel enough to send their kid to school with a name inviting bullying and other unwanted attention.


2 Responses to “Mayumi Mayumi”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    I think many people want to give their kid(s) a unique name without considering the implication to the child/ren. Can you imagine walking around with two last names rather than a first & last? Or what about the people that make up all kinds of jacked up names? I’d give examples but I may then sound prejudiced or maybe even racist. Kids also hate it when they can’t find anything personalized or when their name is spelled differently than theirs.

  2. びっくり Says:

    I came across another one today Masaki can be a family name or given name. Jacked up names are a whole other blog entry. Reading Japanese family names can be a little awkward, but given name reading is an art. Some of the kanji for names are given completely different readings. I had fun this week showing kids names to teachers and watching them fumble for the proper reading.

    I sat in on one teacher’s first class and saw him work his magic to get everyone’s names. I will probably write this up later.

    Don’t worry about posting something that makes you seem prejudiced or racist… we already know… 😉

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