Where’s the Time Go?


Not much to report for Monday since it disappeared. I got on the plane yesterday afternoon and got back to Tsu just before 10pm today. Still managed to make time to stop by Tempura Sakamoto for an evening meal and to drop off souvenirs. Had fun chatting and eating while they cleaned up the restaurant for the night.

If I go to sleep now, I’ll wake up in this time zone and hopefully dodge the jet lag.


2 Responses to “Where’s the Time Go?”

  1. A faithful reader Says:

    Where’d the time go?? Where’d the BIKKURI go?!?! No posts in a week? This is worse than if cnn.com didn’t get updated for a week! No pressure… 😉

  2. びっくり Says:

    You’re right. It is unreasonable to slack off for a week. I have been sick since returning (must have caught something on the plane) and also got in a bit of a funk. Time to get crackin’ again.

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