Non-Compete Not Signed


Too tired. Slept in a bit, took a long shower, ate breakfast, did the Jumble and Sudoku; and only then, started my busy day about four hours later than planned. One difficulty I discovered in the reduction of materials in storage is that boxes are fixed size.

If I take 25% of the contents from a box of bedding, 25% of the contents from a box of crystal and china, and 50% from a box of tools, I still have three boxes of stuff and the boxes still take up the same space. Furthermore, the items in the boxes are then loose which can increase breakage and make it likely that boxes in stacks get crushed. It took more time than I expected; I was late for dinner.

With any luck, tomorrow’s runs to the scrap yard, garbage dump, and storage from the sheds will go quickly, buying me more time to attack the storage unit once more. Because time ran out, none of the boxes got retaped and several are partially full. It would be nice to have everything neat and inventoried before disappearing into the Orient again.

Today’s dinner was at the Mediterranean Kitchen in Bellevue. I highly recommend it for quality, quantity, and price. I don’t know if the Seattle store on Roy is still around, but it should be comparable. Conversation tonight revolved around: how different aspects of Japanese should best be taught/learned; strength and weakness comparisons of a few languages; data storage issues; and effects of various foodstuffs on consistency of poop. Fortunately the last topic was not brought up at the restaurant.

Well, if I’m not going to be behind schedule tomorrow, I’d better cut this post off now.


4 Responses to “Non-Compete Not Signed”

  1. simaldeff Says:

    Going back to live in Japan once more?

  2. びっくり Says:

    I went to Seattle for Golden Week vacation and have now returned to Japan.

  3. Keven Says:

    Yes, we had some interesting topics to be sure! The food and company were good though! 🙂 What does the title have to do with the day? I didn’t read anything about non-compete…

  4. びっくり Says:

    Kev, the title was for your benefit. I thought only two people would get it, but it looks like nobody will. Remember that two people want me helping them develop Japanese study tools? I guess I can help both of you since there is nothing contractual. 😉

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