Spider Bite


Morning visit with relatives. Brought a USB HD along to copy graphics for my trip back to Japan. My uncle scanned all of my slides into his computer, so I can print images myself and avoid outrageous enlargement costs. Also this will give me the flexibility to post images online as well: Siracusa, Caen, Antwerpen, Waterloo, anyone?

Lunch with the infamous MIDIwall, who got the “fish ball soup (no noodles)” tattoo in Chinese characters. He will be featured in a book about “special” tattoos and he will probably appear next to Slash from Guns and Roses. Apparently the book won’t hit shelves ’til next year. My friend Anthony who has been invaluable in blog support and recovery arranged the chance to meet face to face. He is also doing a lot of work to get my music collection to Japan on my USB HD so I don’t have to ship a couple boxes of heavy plastic.

Tried to order developing for some old Seattle Film Works rolls that I think might have been shot in Pakistan, England, New York, or some such place. I hope the film is still good. These turned up last time I was trying to sort out the storage unit: eight months ago.

Dinner with my brother’s kids and my sister-in-law. Round two at Tutta Bella – Certified Neapolitan Pizzeria. Very tasty.

Back to my folks place to do more planning and off to bed. Long day tomorrow separating wheat from chaff. Hoping to reduce volume of stored materials by: throwing away, giving to charity, selling(?), shipping to Japan (by slow boat), and some reorganizing. If all goes well, I can get all my tools moved from my sheds into the storage unit on Saturday. If one is properly set up, a 5’x5′ storage unit with a 10′ ceiling will hold amazing things.

Almost forgot that I awoke from a horrible nightmare this morning. My heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my ears. When I was breathing slowly to relax, my heartrate stepped up even higher. The dream was rather innocuous; I was holding something with a spider crawling on it and he crawled under my hand. When I was hauling trash out of the sheds I had several spiders of various size crawling around on things I was moving around. However, the dream spider was scary-looking and got nasty and was just about to clamp into my finger.

I have never had such an experience in my life. Makes you wonder about the people that say when you die in your dreams, you actually die. Good thing I pulled my hand away from that spider just before he bit down.


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