Breasted Siren Hunt


Slept in a tad, read news, solved puzzles, and headed to Safeco Field to watch Ichiro, Johjima, and Iguchi play ball. So far I haven’t seen the M’s lose a game. The level of play was inconsistent, but we had enough good plays to pull out a victory: We’ll take it! We have to go on the road to face Boston and New York. Hopefully we have our nerve up for that.

I sat two rows back from the dugout in Nintendo seats, but there were no Japanese staffers handy to speak with. My host was hoping I could eavesdrop on high-level managers to get the inside scoop. I hope I haven’t forgotten all my Japanese by the time I get back to Tsu.

Ran around town all day taking “tourist” pictures: Old Sears building (now Starbuck’s HQ), Ferries, Space Needle, Starbuck’s first store, … I picked up a souvenir mug for a friend in Tsu. The original sign has the famous siren on the logo, but it was a little less conservative than the current logo. In the old days sirens apparently had breasts and navels. I remember back when they wanted to take the company international and had to clean-up their image a bit – and they say Americans are repressed and prudish.

A family of three was discussing a coffee maker in Japanese. Starving for a chance to exercise, I addressed them. We chatted quite a bit. Turns out they live in Vancouver. I didn’t ask if they spoke English, nor did they attempt it. Very fun. It was amusing to watch their eyes light up when they heard someone else speaking Japanese.

Caught up with my folks for dinner at the Space Needle. I think we rode around about four times. Food was good, view was wild. The weather kept changing between bright and clear, overcast, and squall. We could understand the microclimate concept by looking out around King County. The (somewhat) new control tower at Sea-Tac is incredibly visible, which was cool. I’ll see about putting pictures up after I get home.

Tomorrow is all fun and games. Friday and Saturday will include lots of cleaning and sorting. Sunday; a trip back to Japan. I will try to get everything done, but the trips always end to soon.


2 Responses to “Breasted Siren Hunt”

  1. Sunkissd1 Says:

    I’d imagine they’d also be surprised to see a white person in America conversational in Japanese.

  2. びっくり Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot I’m white. 😉

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