Happy Day


Monday I met with an insurance agent that wanted to improve my homeowner’s policy to protect me and my property managers from any crazy mishaps. She ran the numbers and all this extra coverage will drop my rates by about 800 bucks a year. I guess I should have been reviewing that sooner.

Lunch at Canyon’s with ane. Very tasty. The Durango is a sandwich with BBQ pulled pork on top. A striking woman about 5’10” was assisting us and was very pleasant. If I had a lick of sense I would have asked for a chance to meet her again.

Dinner with imoto and giri no ototo. It was “Happy Day” so we started in on the wine cellar immediately. Spent the night to avoid messy details like driving under the influence. Excellent pasta dish and salad from the garden – not to be confused with garden salad. Sis put anime on the TV in the guest room and I remember about 10 seconds of it before dozing off for a good night’s sleep.

Tuesday I rented a U-Haul pick-up at 7am and started attacking my outbuildings. Or rather, the contents of the outbuildings. My previous tenants (term used loosely) and my contractors each left odd types of waste materials piled in my sheds. One shed was impossible to enter safely. I also had a lot of building materials and miscellany from the original owners stowed away. Several hours and one sore back later: I had taken a ton of pipes, chains, metal plates, broken car parts, and other metals to the scrap yard to be recycled; and took another 1400 pounds of trash to the transfer station.

Another day of trips will finish this clean-up. One for old paints, varnishes, adhesives, and solvents; one for more waste; and one to move my remaining tools to Public Storage. It will be a little sad to have nothing of mine at “my” house.

Tuesday night was dinner with two good friends. Discussed Linux issues; recovered my music files to a USB drive to take back to Japan; planned lunch with the “fish ball soup tattoo” guy; struggled with the files from the original Bikkuri Blog. With any luck I will be able to put those entries on WordPress soon. We also watched the Heroes pilot and The Departed. The first was good; the second was long.


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