Beating the Bums


Last night I sat behind the plate at Safeco Field and watched the Mariners take out the Royals. The game lasted pretty long considering most of the opponents had batting averages in the 0.150-0.180 range. One guy was at 0.098. How they got four runs against us is perhaps a source of embarrassment.

When we managed to get our first score it wasn’t glamorous and someone behind me yelled out, “We’ll take it!” Perhaps that should be the new team slogan.

The main objective was to pick up an Ichiro Bobble-Head Doll to take back to Japan. We arrived before the gates opened, hoping to be in the first 25,000. It took awhile for our line to get to the gate, at which point we realized the line continued down to the corner and doubled back to the gate. We still got in well before stock was depleted. Some folks were already exiting the stadium – doll in hand – to return home and sell them on E-Bay.

Wednesday I hope to sit behind the dugout and get good shots of Ichiro, Johjima, and Iguchi.


2 Responses to “Beating the Bums”

  1. Sunkissd1 Says:

    It’s amazing how some years our various teams can be smoking hot and others we’re lucky to “just take it”…any small crumb. It’s no wonder many fans don’t kick into high gear until the end of the season.

  2. びっくり Says:

    Yeah, my dad had pretty much decided not to watch them this year; however, he was in the 200 level seats for the game Wednesday. Also, on Thursday when I was too busy for anything else, I got home and he gave me a game update.

    Excitement breeds excitement.

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