Japanese is Easy


People in the know (myself included) often write about difficulties in reading, speaking, or learning Japanese. However, today I had an interesting experience with my great niece and great nephew. Having developed a strong disrespect for instruction or structure, they can be a bit frustrating; however, when I gave them direct orders to stop fighting with each other in Japanese, they responded immediately. They haven’t studied Japanese, but they understood; hence, Japanese must be easy.

I often explain to my students that even between native speakers, communication is predominantly non-verbal. My relatives are quite intelligent and could easily understand the point based on posture, tone, etc. Additionally, the fact that they knew they shouldn’t be fighting helped infer what direction someone might be providing. I think the fact that they were hearing something so foreign drew their attention; whereas, the English phrases they have probably heard many times would be easier to filter out as routine.

I wish I could convince my students to be this perceptive rather than just getting frustrated that they can’t understand the strange words and sentence order.


3 Responses to “Japanese is Easy”

  1. Sunkissd1 Says:

    More often than not, tone and body language say more than a million words could…

  2. CheeseMe Says:

    Er, this post doesn’t actually have anything to do with Japanese.
    “Japanese is easy because it’s body language that really communicates in any language in the world.” lol

  3. びっくり Says:

    CheeseMe – Sorry to disappoint you, I have many other posts about Japanese if you are interested. You can merely click the category.

    I think the point here is more about perception and observation. Also I was attempting to interject a modicum of humor.

    Thanks for reading and posting.

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